Sunday, October 20, 2019

Power WheelchairDeciding on the right power wheelchair for you can be a very daunting task. There are a lot of different things to take into consideration before settling on the perfect power wheelchair. When it comes to power chairs there is nothing more important than your comfort.

The second item to consider is your home, and or environment where the chair will be used often. Ease of use is the third item to consider when selecting a power chair for yourself or maybe a friend or family member.

Comfort, why is it so important? Can you imagine running around on a seat that just is too hard. Maybe the power base just jerks and jumps each time it moves. These are just not acceptable for most common users of power wheelchairs or scooters.

You would also want the chair to have a comfortable and soft seat with a back rest. This configuration will allow for long hours of use with little or no pain for the user.

If the power base jerks and jumps while moving it could cause injury and pain for the user. The ideal power base should be smooth moving. Matching the power base to the ideal seat is possible today with the technology that we have.

The home and environment of the user is very important when deciding the correct power chair to purchase. Will it move around your home with ease and without bumping into the walls or stands?  Making sure you have sufficient room in your house or home to accommodate a power wheelchair is critical to making sure you have the right one.

If you are going to be using the chair outside making sure it can go across grass and other soft surfaces should not be overlooked. A lot of seniors and users of power chairs are just so excited that they do not even take into consideration of their living environment.

The last item to consider when choosing a power wheelchair is the ease of use. Is the chair easy to learn and operate? You do not want anything difficult that might prove nearly impossible to control.  This can go hand in hand with comfort.

Knowing all the controls and gauges goes along way when it comes to comfort and safety. No one would want a chair that will throw them off when they press the throttle.

A battery meter is necessary, is it easy to read and understand?  Nothing is worse than using a chair and getting stuck somewhere because the battery died and now you can not move around.

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